The Artisan Series

This beautiful line of tear bottles from Timeless Traditions-TM features three styles of bottles; the Angel Tear Bottle, the Forget-Me-Not and the Circle of Love in brushed pewter. Shown are the three Angel Tear Bottles.

Amethyst Contemporary

Amethyst Contemporary

SKU : 4047

The Amethyst Contemporary Tear Bottle features a swirl of lavender glass that wraps around the base of the tear bottle. The rim and cap are hand-painted with 24K gold luster. The bottle features a Sodalite stone cap topped with an Amethyst cabochon. Makes a unique gift for any occasion; wedding, anniversary, birthday, birth, adoption, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, graduation, ordinations, illness, sympathy, bereavement, forgiveness, any occasion for tears whether happy or sad .

Packaged in an Organza Gift Bag with a Tear Bottle Story Card.

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