Contemporary Tear Bottles

These hand-blown "Contemporary Tear Bottles" are flame-worked by a talented glass artist. All are approximately 2" in height and feature colored splashes or swirls of glass. The Contemporary style is the most unique and artistic in the line.

Amethyst Contemporary

Amethyst Contemporary

SKU : 4047

The Amethyst Contemporary Tear Bottle features a swirl of lavender glass that wraps around the base of the tear bottle. The rim and cap are hand-painted with 24K gold luster. The bottle features a Sodalite stone cap topped with an Amethyst cabochon. Makes a unique gift for any occasion; wedding, anniversary, birthday, birth, adoption, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, graduation, ordinations, illness, sympathy, bereavement, forgiveness, any occasion for tears whether happy or sad .

Packaged in an Organza Gift Bag with a Tear Bottle Story Card.

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