Contemporary Tear Bottles

These hand-blown "Contemporary Tear Bottles" are flame-worked by a talented glass artist. All are approximately 2" in height and feature colored splashes or swirls of glass. The Contemporary style is the most unique and artistic in the line.

Blue Contemporary

Blue Contemporary

SKU : 4009

These hand-blown "Contemporary Tear Bottles" are designed for those who love the tear bottle story but who prefer "contemporary-looking" glass bottles. A unique and heartfelt gift for any occasion; weddings, anniversary, birthday, birth, adoption, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmations, ordinations, illness, sympathy, bereavement, needing forgiveness - any occasion for tears - happy or sad. This style is individually flame-worked by a talent glass artist here in the U.S. Splashes of colored blue glass decorate the base of the bottle. The top around the upper rim is a band of 24K gold with navy quartz stone cap. Natural cork acts as the stopper, so tears may naturally evaporate.

Comes with Organza Gift Bag and a Story Card. Story Card is also a gift card. If this is to be shipped to someone as a gift we can, at your request, hand write your message on the card.

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